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SMART Alabama Hourly Jobs (Plant)

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If you are looking to work at SMART Alabama,

you must contact one of the agencies below.


Alliance Total Solutions EmployNet Personnel Services
1005B US Hwy 231
Troy, AL 36081
500 S. Brundidge St.
Troy, AL 36081
Phone: +1 (334) 770-0660 Phone: +1 (334) 808-8772
Fax: +1 (334) 770-0662 Fax: +1 (334) 808-8003


At SMART Alabama, unless specified otherwise,

all hourly plant position requires a good standing during your three months of TEMP period.


After the three month period, you will be considered to be hired full-time with us.

We will review your work during the TEMP period, perform background and medical check before we make any decision.


We provide full-time employee benefits including medical/dental insurances and other supplemental benefits like 401k, Cancer, etc.